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The program of the 14th Mansmith Market Masters Conference (2023) was actually put together as early as 2020. Due to the pandemic lockdown, we had to cancel that event, and succeeding online conferences were designed to focus on themes that had to be relevant to the concerns and challenges of that time.

That we are able to restore the 2020 original program for the 2023 MMC, is a testament to two things: 

1) that the frameworks of Mansmith programs remain sound whatever the marketing or business situation and 

2) how closely we feel the pulse of the business community to know we are all ready and eager to proceed with the new normal.

Agility and resiliency are both part of the Filipinos’ DNA. The 14th Mansmith MMC program will present the proven strategies in shaping and understanding mindsets, maximizing and spotting opportunities plus more inspiring lessons from market leaders, market challengers, market drivers, market creators, as well as marketing mentors.

Mansmith Market Masters Conference

Launched back in 2009, Mansmith Market Masters Conference is now on its 14th year continuing to gather business and marketing professionals to help them improve with the latest marketing practices.

Join over 1,000 progressive marketers, strategists, entrepreneurs, and business leaders at the Marketing Conference of 2023!

Mansmith Market Masters Awards

The Mansmith Market Masters Awards (MMMA) is the first and only recognition for senior marketers based not just on corporate performance but also on the mentoring of Mansmith YMMA Winners.

Mansmith and Fielders

Helping train current and future marketing and sales leaders of this country by equipping them mastery and proper skills for their industry. 

Learn from the leading advocacy-based marketing training and consultancy in the Philippines with the widest course offering in the Asia-Pacific.

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